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Ecology’s Struggle Within The National Parks

Ecology’s Struggle Within The National Parks

This is a guest post by SUNY Oswego student, Nicholas Krasoski, who took the course “US National Parks Through Media.” Nicholas graduated in May 2019 with a BA in Broadcasting and Mass Communication. To learn more about Nicholas visit his blog/portfolio at

Hello! I would like to formally thank Dr. Serenity Sutherland for allowing me to contribute to her site by showing off an E-Book I recently created. This short book begins with a brief history of the National Parks Service as well as showing statistics of some of the NPS’s most visited parks. The primary argument I am portraying within my book is how environmental changes such as climate change, air pollution, and chemical pollution are affecting the National Parks.

Without further ado…

Here is a Google Drive Link to download the E-Book:

**Note: This is a .epub formatted book so if you are a Mac user it should easily be accessible to view on the iBooks app. Microsoft users the book should be able to open within the Microsoft Edge Web Browser.

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