Between Two Parks

Between Two Parks

No matter where we are... we're always between two parks. Follow along with our digital media project featuring the beautiful US national parks.
Ecology’s Struggle Within The National Parks
This is a guest post by SUNY Oswego student, Nicholas Krasoski, who took the course “US National Parks Through Media.” Nicholas graduated in May 2019 with a BA in Broadcasting and Mass Communication. To learn...
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Is Leisure Beneficial for National Parks?
This is a guest post by SUNY Oswego student, Noah Blake, who took the course "US National Parks Through Media." Noah graduates in May, 2019 with a major in Broadcasting and Mass Communication and a...
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Preservation- A Flawed Concept?
This is a guest post from Ian Hamilton, a 2019 SUNY Oswego graduate with a Broadcasting and Mass Communication degree. He was in the Spring 2019 "US National Parks Through Media" course. Preservation. Extending the...
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Seeing and Believing: Loving the Parks too much?
This is my first visit to the iconic national parks - bodily, anyway, this is the first time my eyes have viewed the vistas, my nose sniffed at the spicy/sweet air, and my skin warmed...
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These parks, they are just so… SO BIG!
Growing up in central New York… Wait, we need to get something straight before I go on. For those of you that just read “NEW YORK” and immediately picture the island of Manhattan, CENTRAL New...
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Paradox and the Parks
Man is an embodied paradox, a bundle of contradictions.                                                    ...
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Come along for the summer!

Do you enjoy national parks, camping, photos, videos, digital media and storytelling – or any combination of the above? If so, please join us as for 8 weeks as we travel throughout the US in our fifth-wheel camper. You can see pictures and video with stories about each National Park, as well as our thoughts (in the blog) about our experiences.

We’d love for you to get in touch with us anytime on our social media or comment on our blog posts and videos.

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